[Oprindeligt publiceret af Center for Cybersikkerhed]

The Danish Defence Intelligence Service’s Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS) assesses that the threat from cyber criminals in the maritime sector is very high, which is the highest threat level employed by CFCS. While smuggling and cargo theft are well-known phenomenon in the maritime sector, cyberattacks have provided criminal groups with additional tools to facilitate illegal shipments or identifying the location of goods and shipments.

Head of CFCS, Thomas Lund-Sørensen, comments on the new assessment:

“As we see in society in general, the increased connectivity between all the different actors in the maritime sector makes this industry susceptible to cyberattacks, particularly cybercrime. Today, even vessels on the sea have constant internet access and are thus not insulated from the cyber threat. With Denmark being a big maritime nation, it is important that we recognize the threat to the maritime sector and that we are vigilant about countering and mitigating the cyber threat”. 

Similarly, the threat from cyber espionage towards the commercial maritime sector is very high. Espionage activities – often performed by state actors – are aimed at collecting sensitive business information, key technologies etc.

Other threats such as destructive cyberattacks, cyber activism and cyber terrorism are assessed to be low.

Generally, the cyber threat against the maritime sector is directed against the commercial operations of the maritime sector. The vulnerability and exposure to cyber threats is amplified by the diversity and complexity of operational activities in the maritime sector. The maritime supply chain involves many businesses, and each of these businesses poses a potential vulnerability throughout the whole supply chain.

You can read more about the assessment and general recommendations here: https://fe-ddis.dk/cfcs/CFCSDocuments/The_Cyber_Threat_to_the_Maritime_Sector_march.pdf

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