The threat of cyber crime against the Danish transport sector is VERY HIGH. Cyber crime aimed at extorting money from private companies and public authorities pose a particular threat. Cyber crime may, at worst, disrupt operations in the transport sector and potentially undermine client trust.


The threat of cyber espionage is VERY HIGH. Cyber espionage is mainly aimed at organizations within the aviation sector and ports. The threat of cyber espionage against the Danish railway sector is only HIGH.


The threat of destructive cyber attacks against the Danish transport sector is LOW. However, the Danish transport sector can potentially be affected by destructive cyber attacks abroad.


The threat of cyber activism is LOW. Cyber activists often pursue specific issue agendas, potentially causing the threat against the sector to rise without or at short notice. The aviation sector, in particular, has fallen victim to cyber activism worldwide.


The threat of cyber terrorism is NONE. Cyber terrorism presupposes technical skills and organizational resources that militant extremists do not possess at this point. Also, their intent to conduct cyber terrorism is limited.

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    Centre for Cybersecurity

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    September 8, 2021

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