When Centre for Cybersecurity (CFCS) established its Network Security Service (Netsikkerhedstjenesten) in 2014, two national CERT roles were merged into the new service: The Danish GovCERT and MILCERT.


CFCS monitors parts of the networks used by government bodies and critical infrastructure, and CFCS is responsible for detecting and analysing threats against sensitive networks.


CFCS participates in a number of CERT networks. The participation in some of these networks is on a voluntary basis, for instance FIRST and IWWN. CFCS also participates in other networks as part of other networks as part of our collaboration at the NATO and EU level, e.g. NORDEFCO and CSIRT Network.


The main objectives in participating in these CERT networks is to exchange information as well as sharing findings and best practices.

Last updated September 7, 2021 - 13:59