The Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS) is the national IT security authority, Network Security Service and National Centre of Excellence within cyber security.


The Centre’s mission is to advise Danish public authorities and private companies that support functions vital to society on how to prevent, counter and protect against cyberattacks.


CFCS - working for a strong and secure digital Denmark

The cyber threat against Denmark is real. Danish public authorities and private companies are the targets of daily atempts of cyberattacks from hackers who seek to steal research results, business plans and innovative ideas vital to Denmark’s future.


At the same time, Denmark has become increasingly dependent on the Internet and digital solutions. Thus, a high cyber security level is of great importance to Denmark’s future development, welfare and prosperity as well as for society’s security and trust in the public sector in a digitalised everyday life.


A part of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service

The CFCS was set up in December 2012 within the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS). As a part of the DDIS, the Centre has access to the special intelligence-based knowledge about cyber issues available to the DDIS while the attachment also creates a number of synergies.


Countering cyberattacks

The Centre’s Network Security Service regularly analyses internet traffic to/from the authorities and companies that are connected to the Network Security Service to detect signs of intrusion.


When the Network Security Service detects a possible attack against a connected organisation, the Centre’s technicians conduct advanced analyses to quickly determine the nature of the threat.


In case of a cyberattack, the Centre will directly inform the targeted organization, and if necessary, give advice on how to resist the attack. In particularly serious incidents, the Centre may also send a team of technicians to assist the organization.


Cyber Situation Centre

In 2018 CFCS launched the Danish Cyber Situation Centre that in time will provide Denmark with a 24/7 situational overview. The Cyber Situation Centre is the main point of contact for public authorities and private companies in terms of operational issues.


The Cyber Situation Centre is part of the Network Security Service whose main purpose is to prevent, resist and handle cyberattacks based on data from CFCS’ sensor network, intelligence-based knowledge or direct contact with private companies or public authorities affected by cyber incidents. The Cyber Situation Centre receives reports on serious cyber incidents. Read more about reporting cyber incidents (information in Danish only).


IT security incidents

Have you been exposed to serious IT security incidents?


In order to provide the best possible service in terms of preventing, resisting, and handling cyber attacks, it is essential that the Centre's Network Security Service holds the necessary data to create the best possible overview of the current situation regarding the Danish Internet infrastructure.


Consequently, public authorities are obligated to report serious IT security incidents to CFCS, and private companies are also encouraged to report serious cyber incidents to the Centre.


In case of serious cyber incidents contact CFCS at email or call us 24/7 at +45 3332 5580 (ask for the Cyber Situation Centre).


For further information regarding reporting serious IT security incidents, read here (information in Danish only):


Underretning til CFCS

Prevention of cyberattacks

As the national IT security authority and Centre of Excellence within cyber security, the Centre informs and advises on preventive measures and issues guidelines and recommendations to Danish public authorities and private companies on strengthening of their cyber security efforts and prevening cyberattacks.


In addition, the Centre is responsible for approving and supervising electronic information systems and installations that process classified information. Also, the Centre is in the process of developing core competences in terms of securing industrial control systems, including in particular the so-called SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).


Threat assessment

CFCS assesses that Danish public authorities and private companies are the targets of extensive and increasing number of espionage attempts via the Internet. The threat comes from state-sponsored actors in particular, who seek to conduct espionage with the intent of promoting their national economic, military and societal developments. The rapid technological development means that the cyber threat is constantly changing, necessitaing persistent security measures and detecion capabilities.


Download the latest national cyber threat assessment.


You can find other threat assessments in English.


Supervision of the telecommunications sector

CFCS is the national regulatory authority on information security and preparedness in the telecommunicaions sector, which means that the Centre contributes to the drafting of regulations on this issue and conducts regular supervision to ensure that the telecommunicaions providers comply with the regulatory demands.


Legal framework

The Centre for Cyber Security Act stipulates unambiguous and restrictive rules for the Centre’s mission. In connection with the commencement of the Act, the Centre has also established an internal compliance function to ensure that the Centre complies with existing laws and regulations as well as internal procedures and relevant standards at any ime. Also, the Centre is determined to ensure that sensitive personal data is always processed with respect to the rule of law and personal liberty.


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