Billede af Grønlands flag mod blå himmel.

Greenland flag against a blue sky.

Foreign states and criminal hackers constitute a persistent cyber threat against Greenland.


The threat of cyber espionage against Greenland is VERY HIGH. Greenland’s central location in the Arctic contributes to the serious threat of cyber espionage against Greenland. Knowledge obtained through cyber espionage can be abused
by foreign states at the expense of Greenland’s interests.


The threat of cyber crime against Greenland is VERY HIGH. The consequences
of, in particular, ransomware attacks can not only be deeply detrimental to the targeted authorities and companies but may also jeopardize critical societal functions.  


The threat of destructive cyber attacks against Greenland is LOW. It is less likely that foreign states have the intention of using destructive cyber attacks against Greenland. The threat may, however, increase with little warning, as several states hold destructive cyber capabilities. Also, it is possible that the impact of destructive cyber attacks directed against other countries could extend to affect the supply of critical services in Greenland.


The threat of cyber activism against Greenland is LOW. The threat of cyber activism against Greenland may rise with little or no warning if single issues related to Greenland were to land in the crosshairs of activist hackers.


The threat of cyber terrorism against Greenland is NONE. Militant extremists
have limited intentions to launch cyber attacks whose effect is comparable to that of conventional terrorism. In addition, they lack the capabilities required for such attacks.

  • Author

    Centre for Cyber Security

  • Release Date

    March 16, 2023

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