This threat assessment is published to inform the maritime sector about the various kinds of cyber threat to help them protect their assets.

The threat from cyber crime is VERY HIGH. Cyber criminals are using many different kinds of attacks methods against companies and authorities in the sector. Besides the financial consequences, cyber crime can also disturb operations and in the worst case scenarios impact safety.

Criminal hackers use tactics such as ransomware, fraud and misuse of resources like computing power to generate crypto currency.

The threat from cyber espionage against the sector is also VERY HIGH. The threat comes from foreign states that have both economical and political interests in spying against businesses and government agencies within the maritime sector.

The assessment also describes the lesser threat levels from destructive cyber attacks, cyber activism, and cyber terror.

The assessment is supplemented by a specific assessment of the cyber threat against the operational systems on board ships.

  • Author

    Centre for Cybersecurity

  • Release Date

    October 6, 2020

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