CFCS assesses that the threat of destructive cyber attacks against Danish public authorities and private companies is LOW, making it less likely that they will fall victim to destructive cyber attacks within the next two years.


The low threat level is the result of foreign states currently being less likely to harbour intentions to execute destructive cyber attacks against Denmark. However, as several foreign states possess destructive cyber attack capabilities the threat level may increase if their intentions shift, for instance in connection with a heightened conflict or geopolitical tensions.


Successful destructive cyber attacks can have very serious consequences and hold the potential to paralyze the digital infrastructure in organizations, resulting in physical damage and disruption of critical services such as electricity or Internet connection. Even though the threat level is LOW, public authorities and private companies should stay updated on developments in the threat landscape, given the serious nature of destructive cyber attacks.  

  • Author

    Centre for Cybersecurity

  • Release Date

    June 18, 2021

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