The cyber threat against the Danish energy sector, as is the case for the general cyber threat against Denmark, has been categorized as “serious” since the Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS) published our first threat assessment for the sector in 2018. Since then, the threat environment has become even more complex. The energy sector has to defend against state actors, cyber criminals and cyber activists who, motivated by different intentions, launch more or less targeted attacks against Western energy companies.

The purpose of this threat assessment is to inform of the cyber threat against
the Danish energy sector. The assessment is broadly intended for decisionmakers and stakeholders in the companies and authorities that make up the energy sector. The threat assessment can be used in the sector’s risk
assessment efforts. The present assessment replaces the updated June 2022
edition of the threat assessment against the sector and is valid for up to two

  • Author

    Centre for Cyber Security

  • Release Date

    May 17, 2023

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